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March 18th, 2024: SCAIL background pollution maps for the UK have been updated to the the years 2019-2021 in line with current APIS. We have also introduced a new Hybrid mode for users (see User Guide for details of how to use it).


Simple Calculation of Atmospheric Impact Limits from Agricultural Sources (SCAIL-Agriculture) is a screening tool for assessing the impact from pig and poultry farms on human health and on semi-natural areas like SSSIs and SACs. The model provides an estimate of the amount of acidity and nitrogen deposited from a farm as well as predictions of air concentrations of odour and PM10. These values can then be used to assess whether impact limits for human heath or habitats are exceeded or not.

Information regarding the use of SCAIL-Agriculture as a screening tool and instructions for completing the assessment form are provided in the SCAIL-Agriculture User Guide. The User Guide also contains background information on regulatory requirements for the use of SCAIL-Agriculture, including instances where further detailed modelling of emissions will be required. The relevant regulatory authority should be consulted for guidance regarding assessment requirements for planning and permitting purposes.

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